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All about Lila's List

What is Lila´s list?

Lila´s list is a network for expats and people who have a very close relationship with them for example through school.

These people share the same interests, needs, and problems living in a foreign country.

Lila´s list tries to be a support group for those who need it via Internet, the weekly coffee morning or the monthly lunch.

Why is it called Lila´s list?

Lila Schmick founded Lila´s list in late 2005. Initially, it was a group of friends sharing tips.

Lila left Chile in December 2007 and handed the list over to Patti Randal.

- Patti Randal left in June 2008, and Astrid Bayer took over.

At this point, there were about 60 members.

Over the years Lila´s list grew and what started out as a group of friends, is now a large group of 1300+ members (June 2014) – a lot of them friends.

In 2018 Dan Brewington along with his wife Pamela and son Brandon have picked up the reins and are working to maintain Lila’s List.

Currently, the list stands at over 6,000 members with 95% of them in Chile.

Why is it not open for everyone?

Expat life is very different to “normal” life. We have other needs and problems such as language or getting in contact with people.

We have to deal with friends moving to another country and staying behind. Moving and leaving friends behind. Starting all over in a new country.

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